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South Net Hosting provides Web Hosting and more for customers with varying level of needs

Our services and products

Collaboration Tools

Our collaboration tools include a bundle of professional software designed for your business or organization to use, connect, and collaborate together.

Web Hosting

Our Classic Web Hosting offers easy-to-use plans for everyone with reliable performance and excellent security. Choose from a wide variety of plans to satisfy your needs.

Digital Marketing

Need help starting a web presence or continue growing one? Fear not, for our marketing team has your back. we have options for anyone or any business and willing to help all along the way.

Array of Benefits

Our comprehensive suite of products and services caters to a range of diverse customers; ranging from Bloggers, Business Owners, and Nonprofits.

Quick and Easy

Choose from several options of CMS including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more to quickly start and edit your site!

limitless Flexibility

Since we maintain the hardware your website runs on we can offer you greater control and adjustability over your site!

Fast and Responsive Support

Our support staff will help you with any questions or problems you could face.

Bundle and Save

We don’t just website hosting, we can also help with website design, digital marketing, collaboration tools, and more.

“South Net Hosting has not only help us with a website but also with an online presence.”

Adam Peachey

CEO, Crow Line Project

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